June 30, 2017

Welcome to Jazzberry. 
My name is Vicky Petalidou and I am the creator of Jazzberry handmade.

Being a busy woman myself with my own likes, dislikes and preferences I have a number of roles to play like most women today. And in every aspect of my life, a bag is always there to accompany me.
Jazzberry introduces hand crafted bags and accessories that accompany us through our every role and provide style to our every outfit. Plus they make fantastic presents! 

Main characteristic of all designs is creativity, quality of materials, attention to detail and usability. Every craft is made upon order that's why every Jazzberry creation is as unique as you!

Explore my handmade products portfolio, see my crafts, learn more about their style and how you can express your uniqueness through them.



T. +30 6932322100

Piraeus Greece

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